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Gingers Egg Run 2005

Leigh News says...

Ginger's 'Cracking' Egg Run

THREE thousand scooter enthusiasts from across the country gathered in Lowton to take toys and chocolate eggs to sick children on the annual Ginger's Easter Egg run. Riders travelled from as far afield as Scotland, Ireland, Dorset and Sunderland for one the biggest ever gatherings of scooters in the world on Sunday.

The idea was dreamt up by organisers Kevin 'Ginger' Lawton, who wanted to help change people's opinions to raise the profile of scooter riders. Eventually Mr Lawton decided on a mass journey to the children's hospital to deliver eggs and toys to sick children - and Ginger's Easter Egg Run was born. From the few dozen scooter riders who gathered together for the first run in 1986 the event has got bigger every year until this year when 3,000 riders turned up.

This year's egg run, the 19th since it started in 1986, saw thousands of Lambretta and Vespa scooters of all colours, shapes and sizes gather to make a difference for sick children at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, in Pendlebury. Proud owners had customised their scooters and many sported gleaming chromework, multiple wing mirrors and lavish paintwork.

The two miles long convoy had a full police escort from Lowton Civic Hall, Hesketh Meadow Lane, and rode through Leigh, Atherton, Little Hulton, Walkden and Swinton to the Pendlebury children's hospital. Mr Lawton led the convoy as crowds of people lined the route and watched the spectacular line of scooters make its hour-and-a-quarter long journey to the hospital where they delivered their eggs and toys to the children on the wards. Caroline Lawton, one of the organisers of the event, and member of Bolton Spartans scooter club, said: "It's quite nice to see all our hard work in organising the event come to fruition. It's fantastic to see three thousand scooters together in one place. It has really put a lump in the back of my throat.


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