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Start the Vespa scooter season off with a 2-stroke discount!

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2007 Scooter Rally Dates

scooter rally dates 2017

For those 2-stroke addicts who go all glossy-eyed over the whiff of your two wheel dream machine (or lawn mower if you're without one this year!), here's the ideal Christmas present for your scooterboy. He/she(!) can sample the joys of a scooter rideout inside the living room, bedroom or bathroom with this 2 Stroke Smoke candle - with no mess, cold, rain or traffic!

2-stroke Smoke candle for scooterists.

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For the old Vespa romantics, check out The Scooter Diaries - written by Gordon Bowman. His parents undertook an epic scooter honeymoon through Latin America from 1959-1960. Not to be missed!

Scooter book

Kerim: "They always follow my car when it goes to the airport."
Bond: "Was it a Vespa or a Lambretta?"
Kerim: "You noticed? A Lambretta. They have a whole fleet of them for their little men, the men I call "The Faceless Ones". They look so alike, we have never managed to sort them out."

From Russia With Love
Ian Fleming, 1957

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