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Ted's 100 Sport, Toil & Trouble  
Left: Chris from Basingstoke. The rally 200 he has just finished restoring himself, which is about the 6th resto done over the years & the other scoot is his new GTS250ie which he thinks is the dB's!
Also, far left is Chris' wife Mandy with her ET4
Vespa PX180
Left: Wully's PX125disc with Polini 177 kit fitted by Gareth at TI MOTOR CYCLES in Berwick-upon-Tweed, graphics by scootgraphics and fantasyprints.  Not a bad wee runner, just loves a long run  

Left: Tooty's Mk1 PX150 a few weeks before he decided to throw it, him and his mate Titch down the road on the way to Brewers last year. Below and right are some pics of his scoot after he crashed it and the subsequent rebuild.

Tooty Tooty

Tooty Tooty




Birkenhead Cloud 9's Haggis' latest custom graphics. All work done by

Mark Doyle's Oldham Athletic themed PX and his son's PK.
Stafford's Josephine Wright's Vespa ET3 Primavera, restored by her husband Mark (probably not the Chester City manager)
Nev's South African 1963 150GL (Slough, Berkshire)  
Si Ceurden
This is the finished article. AFSC Simon Cuerden's GTS250 with AF Rayspeed-inspired custom paint job. To find out more about the project, visit the AFSC website via our links page.  
Tim and Beth's scoots  


Restored SS180 which belongs to Mark Wright of Stafford.

This was also restored by him.

A real head turner.



Pictured left: 1967 Sprint 150, full nut and bolt
restoration by Kev Amey of Bromborough, email the site for Kev's details.
Photos taken in the Wirral on 19th November 2005.

Also below, PX200...


Vespa Mk1 T5 (of 1991

Mk1 T5 Vespa





2001 Vespa PX125 Disc in Cobalt Blue.
Fitted with:
Malossi 166 kit
SI 28/28 carb
Scorpion exhaust
Chromax powder coated wheels by Aerocoat (top boys)

Things to do:
Total strip & respray in RAF Air Defence Grey, it's a low signature, infrared refelective paint used on fighter aircraft.  Part of my RAF themed scoot.  Graphics to be supplied by Powder coated forks & engine casings.


Scotty J

Connie and Lulu

Royal Manor Scooterist

Name: Mike Jolliffe

Location: Portland, Dorset.

Small Frame: 1962 Douglas Vespa Sportique 150, (as seen on ). Also my new PX Disc.

Douglas: All original. Thinking about getting it painted in its original Olde English White and Eggshell blue!!!

PX: Aiming to clock some more K's attending Rallies, get some body graphics sorted.



Name: Sean Duggan

Club: Celtic Soul Scooter Club, Limerick, Ireland

cry for dawn

Name: Tom Hargreaves

Club: Keighley Scooter Club, West Yorkshire.

Scooter's Name: "Cry for Dawn". Scooter Model: PX200

Inspiration: American comic book artist Joseph Micheal Linsner who created Dawn, the Goddess of birth and rebirth. The comics are really deep, but fun to read, anyone wanting to find out more could go to Paintwork: David Dickinson in Bridlington. I told him which pictures to do and where to put them, and he came up with the finished product.

Engine: The frame is a PX200 but the engine is a T5 with a 177 Mallossi kit. The reason for that is, I have a wide wheel kit on it and I didn't want to cut a new P2 engine up for it.

Frame Modifications: Forks twisted and extended by 2".

Specialised Parts: The seat was done by Smartrrrs in York.

Chrome: Quality Chrome in Hull. ( I'm still waiting for some bits of
chrome so thats not finished yet).

Awards: Best Custom Vespa, 2004 Bridlington National Scooter Rally Custom Show. First of many I hope.

grim reaper
Steve Walker's chopper!  


Name: Bagzy (The Armed Forces Scooter Club) - above & below: Dressed to Kill, Lammy GP TS1 225



Above - Bagzy's T5 Classic, and below: Vespa ET3 small frame 136 sprint/racer


Below, Bagzy's vespa standard smallframe v90




Name: Blocky (Armed Forces SC) DL150 purchased from Italy last year....
Engine is the original 150 block with a GT 190 kit supplied by Jersey's Steve Taylor-Collas. 

25 mil carb, Fresco exhaust and all the correct tuning and porting was done, as was the re-build by Scott and John at Scooter-in Style in Southend.

Scoot RS hydraulic disc front brake and innocenti GP200 forks fitted, awaiting delivery of some chromed dampers. She's also got a 13.5 litre fuel tank and gauge.






Name: Mike Murray from Liverpool SC

Pictured Left: 1966 Eibar LI,
186 mugello motor with imported transfers and sprayed in a barn.
Not as comfy as my smallframe but a hell of a lot quicker.


Pictured Right:1975 primmy et3
12 volt electronic
Ported Polini 130, 25mil phbl, performance crank, clutch & bearings.
F & R Bitubos and semi hydraulic disc.
Nissan 350z paint
Chrome by Pete Robinson

Things to do: New seat and more chroming to add on. Started to build a more radical motor using zirri components.  



Maicoletta from 1950-something!


Dad's LD (and mini) - a slide photo taken sometime in the 1960s.



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